Sunday Stills Challenge: Orange

Here are my photos for Terri Webster Schrandt’s, Sunday Stills Challenge for the subject of Orange.

For the first time I added orange marigolds in the garden with hopes that I the rabbits would leave them alone. These managed to stay intact until frost passed over. The 18″ yellow marigolds did not. Something plucked them off the stem as soon as the blossom opened!

Autumn of 2016 was the season for brilliant orange leaves. This year the most stunning maples had leaves that were a deep, dark, ruby red.



Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: Week of October 25, 2018

My entry for Kammie’s Oddball Challenge:


Driving through the country instead of the city is my typical road trip. When we headed up north to camp, we’d see this work of art at the end of a driveway to beckon prospective shoppers to the Topless Silo Gift Shop located on a farm in Centuria, Wisconsin.  Having to deal with less clutter lately and not more, I fought the temptation.

Across the street a guest house is available for a small reunion with family or friends, or if planning a wedding and/or reception their barn has lots of appeal: Brickhouse Getaway Wedding venue

I’m pretty sure the Topless Silo Gift Shop has closed and I’ve added it to my list of “missed opportunities”. If I’m incorrect, please let me know.

Have you ever experienced wondering: “Where will I live next?”


It’s so difficult for an free-lance artist to establish an appreciative customer base. Please share a link to this blog wherever it’s appropriate. With the winter holidays arriving soon, her portraits are perfect for a unique, memorable gift. 

Janine, is a free-lance artist with some health issues, and faced with never knowing where she might be living this weekend, next week, or next month.

About ten years ago, our local school district added someone to staff as a contact for homeless students. The school district in the next town did the same.  What a jaw-dropping moment to read about this new addition in the quarterly school newspaper.

Currently, 71% of the employed population in my state makes less than $15 an hour. It’s also one of the top three counties with the highest home foreclosure rates.

In the past five years, several individuals and families I know left the security of their homes to face the anxiety and fear of when or where they’ll have another permanent roof over their heads. I’ve begun researching affordable housing in the United States (or more appropriately, confirming there isn’t much anywhere).

Has this happened to you or do you know someone? Chances are it was a spat of misfortune and certainly not intentional. If you’ve got any experiences or advice to share for someone in this situation, please add a comment below.

What’s working (or not) to offer affordable housing where you live?